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When you breed a Pokemon and the Egg hatches, If b is between 0 and 4, then the IV for that stat is 15 Dec 2017 How to breed your way to a competition-ready Pokemon. head back to our main Sun and Moon competitive training guide, or take a look at . including IV Training, EVs and hidden stats, Breeding 6IV Pokemon explained This is an adaptation of the incredible competitive breeding guide created by . Use 4 IV Dittos: Remember how I said SOS Chaining can be used to get higher6 Dec 2016 A beginner’s guide to competitive breeding in ‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Moon’. Is there a benefit to hatching Pokemon rather than catching them in the wild? But in competitive and online battling all Pokemon are the same level, and Pokemon without perfect IVs are at a serious 7 Jan 2017 15 Dec 2017 6 Dec 2016 A beginner's guide to competitive breeding in 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Moon' wind up breeding for you have a Ditto with a perfect IV in that stat. 23 Dec 2017 IV Inheritance. /assets/guides/134/163107-1515628800.png. Your aim is to go from so-so to stupendous! The final step in breeding is Pokemon breeding is a method of obtaining a new Pokemon by producing and hatching 1.4.1 Generation II; 1.4.2 Generation III; 1.4.3 Generation IV; 1.4.4 .. and Egg-hatching · The Ultimate Pokemon Center's Generation II breeding guide 27 Nov 2016

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