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Path of Exile: Blight is coming

Are you excited? The new Path of Exile version blight had been officially updated on the 9.6th. The new version mainly allows the players to look forward to the new model. The new tower defense game mode allows players to have more gameplay options and Buy POE Currency at for a better gaming experience. At the same time, you can meet a new NPC-Cassia nun.



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Path of Exile update specific contents

A new item that the monster drops: oil. When you resist the monster's attack, you will get a special oil, you can use it to improve special items, no longer a random result of traditional style, you will get a guaranteed reward by getting different oils. The effects of different oils are different. There are up to twelve different types. If you need Buy POE Currency, try…


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lowns in Path of Exile: New Lootboxes split the PoE community

Last Friday, Path of Exile's new league began to be successful, and each season, Blight will join the original cosmetics robbery box. However, the latest boxing theme - Dark Carnival - makes many players feel uncomfortable.

The new Cheap POE Items include clown costumes and big tents that you can put in your hideout, but obviously, only a few players like it.



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New "Path of Exile" update is now available

Path of Exile, a popular free-to-play game RPG, has appeared on the radar several times since its first upgrade in 2013. Despite the launch of the Legion since June this year, the situation seems to be calm. But after a while, Grinding Gear Games returned to the new Blight update. While the update hosts some tweaks, changes, and additions, the show's star is the new Blight challenge itself, and it's like a tower defense game.

Sister Cassia experimented with preventing the spread of…


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Changes in the new version of Path of Exile

With the continuous update, Path of Exile has also achieved great success. This is what the Polish developer Grinding Gear Games didn't think of. To repay the support of the players, the developers are constantly updating and innovating the gameplay. The developers have just revealed that they will provide new updates for the game. Known as the disease extension, the update will bring many new features, including the tower defense mode. It also involves a new NPC-Cassia.

This update…


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The Path of Exile on September 6th to update the new tower defense mechanism.

You need to know these

1, Path of Exile itself is a free game, and this update is free.

2, Path of Exile: Blight, the latest alliance of popular ARPG, released on September 6.

3, the most important thing for this update is to add a new tower defense style game.

The action RPG made by Grinding Gear Games, a subsidiary of Tencent has achieved great success. This game essentially mimics Diablo III, but this game Still is a very good games , the fast of the update…


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Path of Exile: September scorpion hunting recovery and withering expansion

Grinding Gear Games will write the next page of Path of Exile's long history in September, deploying Blight, a new tower defense extension designed to counteract fungal infestation by summoning flames, ice, and earth spells. Or lightning.

Specifically, the player must repel the enemy's waves to prevent the machine from absorbing the chrome of these new and evil bulbs, and we will have to find the source. To this end, it is necessary to rely on the support of the defensive turrets of…


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Path of Exile release date schedule

Exile Blight's path will first be visible on the PC on September 6, as well as the Xbox One and PS4.

The very good news is that the path of exile hanging around console will probably be released soon after September 9.

This means anticipating an extra weekend before new content, but any devices should be the same.

For Path of Exile PC gamers, the modern Blight extension should arrive around 9 pm on Friday, September 6.

This could be the official countdown…


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Path of Exile details update

In the new version of Path of Exile: Blight, you will need to adopt a completely new way to play the game. Developers have added the elements of the tower defense to the new version of the game mode. According to the official up to date notice, the new version will be Will join a new npc-Cassia, Sister Cassia will stop the spread of blight by destroying the fungus, and when attacked, Blight will orders infect monsters to defend it. The monster will follow Blight's tendrils and attack…


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Path of Exile Blight challenge league

When Blight commences, you’ll meet a different NPC called Sister Cassia. As the story goes, fungal growths have spread throughout Wraeclast, money minds of nearby monsters. Sister Cassia has generated a device that may drain the ichor in the growths, but she needs someone to defend it from infected horrors even though it operates.

You’ll locate a blight in each division of Wraeclast, and…


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Balanced Prototype Improvements in Path of Exile

The new version is named: Withered, the most appealing new version in the new version is the new tower defense mode. In the Path of Exile, you need to build a defensive tower to prevent deadly spread and fight for time to defend protection it Among the monsters, except for this, the prototypes of Necromancer, Toxic Assassin, and Mine Saboteur Archetype are also worth your attention. The following changes will be explained in detail for you.

The Necromancer Archetype



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The Grinding Gear game provides content about the upcoming content of the Path of Exile Blight League

The Path of Exile Blight League release and Grinding Gear Games on September 6 have begun to provide players with more information about what they can expect when they hit. The development team recently posted a few posts on the game forum detailing the new POE Exalted Orb and new mining skills of the Assassin.

As the league descends, the Assassin will receive…


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Path of Exile: Tower defense and fungal alchemy will be mixed

In addition to the usual new equipment series, the craziest loot hunters can look for a unique set of Blight gear that can be smeared with additional skills like amulets. Use the cherries from all over the country to pick the privilege to build a strange character. If you can harvest and mix the right oil, the skill tree is high. The Blight Alliance has been extended to the end of the world at the end of Atlas, and some of the endgames Blight are completely overgrown with…


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Path of Exile: Blight Analysis

Let the long-awaited Path of Exile latest update, blight, come soon. The new version provides a new tower defense style for some dungeon monsters. Combining the fast pace of the Path of Exile, with crazy action combined with the strategic behavior of the tower defense game, all this brings you an unparalleled experience, On the cursed Wraeclast continent, some fungi threaten the lives of humans and beasts. Fungi, and you need to eliminate these fungi with the help of the new NPC- Cassia…


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Path Of Exile Will Receive A Tower Defense Mode in the Next Update

Path Of Exile, the ever-growing and evolving free-to-play, action-RPG, has received a new trailer for the upcoming “Blight” update. If you don't know where to get the cheapest POE Currency, mmoah is your best choice. The video, available below,…


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Path of Exile will bring new Orbs to the "Poison Killer"

The RPG Path of Exile developers has released a new video and article on the two skill stones of the Poison Killer prototype, which you can get in the Fel extension. Today, the team introduced gamers to the "poison circle" and "plague carrier."

This week, on September 6, the cult of RPG Path of Exile will be released. Today, the developer decided to tell us two new POE Items for…


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Deadly in Path of Exile Legion: Viper Strike Pathfinder Build

The expansion of the Legion has made changes to Path of Exile, the most important of which is an overhaul of melee buildings. It is to make them competitive, which in turn is as cute as those based on spam AOE skills. One of them is the Viper Strike Pathfinder. So get your POE Orbs ready, because it's time to find a way!

Although traditionally a distance…


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Path of Exile: Blight is one from the biggest updates towards

After a few months from the End with the World Sports Atlas, Grinding Gear pointed out that a problem suddenly appeared, and any of the five masters could pop-up at any time. They often can be found in inconvenient moments, destroying the motivation in the players through long tasks. To contain a few of these problems, players are now able to postpone the master's experience to find them without delay. Players may also give them any map they wish to perform, as an alternative to leaving…


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Path of Exile Blight joins the Tower Defense League

As the Path of Exile player community is maintaining growth on several platforms, the POE game is going to launch a 3.8.0 update called Blight.

The Path of Exile: Blight introduced the game's challenge league for one more three months. This will introduce latest features for the game's usual dungeon crawling and treasure hunt: tower defense. But despite having the addition of this new game …


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Blight release date: The tower defense came to PoE in the new alliance

The release date of Blight is coming soon, which means another alliance that will improve the overall quality of life, of course - there will be some sweet spoils between next month and December.

Inspired by the type of tower defense, this new PoE Alliance puts down the structure and helps you fight: treat them as sensational medieval turrets. You will want to destroy the plague that appears in Wraeclast, mainly because they control the …


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