Arkham Nightmares Download] [torrent Full]

Arkham Nightmares Download] [torrent Full]

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About This Game

Arkham Nightmares is an adventure game with rogue-like elements. You play Prof. Liebwerk the head physician of the Lovecraftian Arkham Sanatorium. Your task is to complete your journal with all the stories from the crazy inmates. But before they will tell you anything you have to win their trust.

During the night you will be haunted by terrible nightmares. Try to avoid those horrors or they will drive you insane. On the other hand... a little insanity might help to convince the patients to tell their stories.

  • Innovative genre-mix of adventure, rogue-like and stealth gameplay
  • 1920s setting with eerie atmosphere in the Lovecraftian universe
  • A big island to explore
  • Multiple-choice dialogs
  • Replayability
  • Voice-over
  • Jazz soundtrack
  • Day-Night cycle
  • Adjustable difficulty
  • Gamepad support

Title: Arkham Nightmares
Genre: Adventure
Tim Rachor
Tim Rachor
Release Date: 18 Jun, 2016


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The game just freezes my pc up and i have to force close it.. It should be called Bugs Nightmares...

It may be a little hard to understand how the game works specially for people who enjoys tutorials and that kind of things. Anyways, once you understand the mechanics and start to enjoy the game some technical problem appears and always ends with your pc crashing, thing like getting stucked on a bench.

I bought this game for the lovecraftian atmosphere. And I really liked, its good looking, the soundtrack its very nice... but its unplayable. Also there are some things that are just stupid, like losing your inventory every morning and have all your items in their original place again...

This game should have been sold as a beta, seems unfinished.

I really would like to recommend this game, but I can't recommend a game I can't play.. This game is one of those games that are just so wierd that it is charming(actually it scared me a little becouse it was so wierd it felt like some kind of game that if you play long enough you get suicidal and it creeps me out a bit). everything about this game is so unpolished that it makes this game unsettling, and in a wierd ****** up way it works well (but might not how they intended it to work), and for those of you who wonder if its intentional i realy dont know. it might be but I think there's a good chance that it wasn't.
but dont get it wrong, it will may be considered a bad (or even awful) game by most people and I myself think its a bad game but it does it in such a way that it is enjoyable.

everything looks so ugly, the HUD is incredibly bad, and the voice acting is just so enjoyably bad ( seriously, there is one guy that does the main characters voice, and the main character describes and quotes everything you interact with and tries to do like this terrible, wierd accent that i can barely understand what he says) that i cant that not to love this half an hour of playing this game until writing this review (due to the fact i only played 30 minutes of the game i cant tell what is there in the rest of the game so character development or something like that i cant critisize right now).

I think that this game would be a very fun game to play late at night with your friends when you're drunk, and if it gets enough attention it will might be like one of those "so bad its good" movies like "the room" or birdamic, and that is the only reason i recommend this game. for the sheer awkwardness of this game and the wierd atmosphere, but for those of you who want a game that is actually a good GAME and want some fun gameplay thats not where to look for.. Difficult to figure out what to do and more difficult to figure out how to do it. Game only saves progress after a completed chapter, but despite probably 12 tries, I still haven't completed chapter 1...sooooo right back to the start. Again and again and again. Admittedly I'm getting REALLY good at doing the same things over and over a little be quicker, but I can't really call that fun. You get the picture.. So this game seems like it COULD be fun, but right now is way too awful to control. Also theres just no direction or guidance, the game just starts, And the narrator is amazing. And bad. Amazingly awesomebad.

Heres a video of the first in-game day.
https:\/\/\/M0FNBgfpefY<\/a>. I was really hoping to be impressed by this game. I think an hour is ample time to give this game a chance. I have a tendency to find the best horror games in the little played and little understood games but this one was a huge miss. The main problem is that there is no direction or hint of how to play or succeed in this game. You have to build trust with other characters but the whole thing is guess work and I didn't even know what works and what doesn't. The lack of a save feature makes this even more frustrating as I have no break or comparison to tell if what I'm doing is right.
The next major problem comes with the nightmares. I know the story mode skips them but I don't see why it makes sense to have to break a game to make it playable. It seems to contradict common sense. The nightmares are confusing and add little to the game. Without them it's more of a visual novel but to be honest I think this game would be more enjoyable if it was. The nightmares a literally a waste of time and cost you all your collected items.
Which brings me to the items. Collecting random things and giving them to random people is how you progress in this game. As stated before you do not get any hint of who likes what so it's basically a guessing game that'll take several days. The days seem to be too short to get anything done especially in nightmare mode as you lose all your items upon waking up.
tl;dr: This is a boring game with wonky controls. It is a guessing game with little reward (I didn't really gain anything playing for an hour). The story is uninspired or at least to minimal as my time playing didn't give me any drive to want to know more. Basically it's just a boring game with little reward. I got it for less than a dollar and am still wondering if it was worth that.
. I'm not really sure what to say about this game...

The story is unclear, the gameplay some kind of overworked old-school and the voice-over are the most terrible i've ever heard (only pro: you can disable them by unchecking "sound" in the menu).

EDIT: Even worse! I just played Mythos - The Beginning and every model from Arkham Nightmares has been taken from this game!

So to conclude: This game has none, what so ever, good aspect...

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