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About This Game

Auto-Staccato is a badass new take on the rhythm game taking place in a variety of fantasy settings. You must use your weapon or magic glowing hands to “Fight Your Music” by hitting enemies in time to the beat. Featuring a campaign mode with a mix of worlds and arenas and included music, players can also battle against their own music.

We're hard at work finishing the game, once it's done, Auto-Staccato will have all of the following:
  • Use Your Own Music: Automatic song analysis without need for any manual editing (mp3, ogg and wav support)
  • Game Modes include Horde, First-Person, Campaign, Single Song 3 lanes or 5 lanes, and Easy/Medium/Hard difficulties
  • Upgrades including Armor, Life Steal, Focus, and Combo Multiplier Bonus
  • Campaign Mode
  • 7 Different Worlds

Title: Auto-Staccato
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Early Access
Birch Log
Release Date: 1 Jan, 2018


good game, it has alot of great features that make fighting your music really fun!. I have only got one thing to say.


This game is bloody amazing. I am a massive fan of rhythm based games. But this one tops every other one i have played. I look forward to seeing how much this game will improve and change over time. I know this isnt much of a detailed review. But i am not good at writing large reviews.

I rate this a definite 10\/10 - I recommend this to everyone.

I love your work. Keep it up.

Maybe some suggestions:
1. Youtube audio to game just incase you dont have the song but you still want to use it.
2. I WOULD LOVE to see a multiplayer game mode. Or something like that. Not sure how it would work though, or if it is possible... Give me time and i will try to think up a way for it to work <3.
. why has no one reviewed this game yet? are you all insane?

YOU... HAVE... TO... BUY... THIS... GAME!!!!!!

OK... so i will probably be very biased here, but hey... i LOVE IT!

ok so 3.3 hours? no wonder my A*** is hurting so much! i have not moved since i started playing - but now i have to go and buy my dinner :)

NOTE - i own a lot of music runners... but... this beats them ALL (i have been looking for something this awesome since buying *Melody's Escape* in early access))

Pros -

AMAZING Campaign (also a con - see below)
AWESOME games modes
FIGHT your OWN music library!
RPG format on rails (level up and etc)
AWESOME tracks (provided by the campaign)

Now the cons -

Ok so to clear things up... i said te campaign also has a con...
It gets VERY hard VERY fast!!! (i have not managed to pass level 4\/5)
your *level\/skill ups* are a *one time shot* (as far as i have seen) - in the sense of, you cannot redo a level and stack them up... although i can see why this is, i still say there should be something... *else* that can help you as the difficulty increases (maybe like a gear\/potion shop?)

The game is EA (manny people have the EA fears - i am one of them,,, but i own a lot of EA games that have been abandonned and etc)

Because of its EA nature there will obviously be bugs (namely... every so often, the game will crash when doing a *first time import* - the arena mode is INSANLY hard!!!! - on some songs *this is very understandable* on hard mode even though you time your hits perfectly.... they WILL miss! and a few aother EA gripes... but not enough to limit fun!)

Suggestion\/s -

allow us to use the xbox\/ps controllers for *color mode* - i have tried many times, and none of my controllers buttons seem to match anythig in color mode

allow us to edit our own tracks? (those who are musical geniuses) - but then the ad says the is workshop support, maybe it means this? br/>

and finally... give us a *play all* button... (essentially *infinite mode*) so we dont have to keep *hunting* for our fave music tracks


10\/10 would spam [space] due to nerves again and again!

this is a MUST BUY!. I've changed my review and recommendation. Updated and original reviews below.

[Updated review]
I switched from Not Recommended to Recommended after experimenting with different audio files in Free Play mode. With lossless audio sources and synthesized tracks, it is very possible to determine key strokes based on the beats of the music. This doesn't work as well with audio files that are too compressed, or that were taken from a lossless source that hasn't been remastered (e.g. a non-remastered CD of music from the 1980s). I still urge the dev(s) to add the highlighting option that I mentioned in the original review. Also, the Arena Mode still needs remappable keys and a better explanation of its mechanics. However, for US$9.99, this is worth a buy.

[Original review]
I really would like to recommend this game, and I appreciate the effort at novelty in the rhythm game genre. But there's one big obstacle: It's doesn't so much test your rhythm skills as your depth perception. In Horde mode, enemies spawn at a distance and run toward the player. To score a hit, the enemy has to be within one of the small reticles in front of the player. Attack a fraction too soon or late, and you lose health. Also, you lose health on every missed attack, so there's a double-penalty for swinging just as an enemy leaves the reticle. The main challenge isn't keeping the rhythm but rather triangulating the distance of each enemy, who sometimes shift speed with the tempo of the music.

The most egregious example of this is the Cave setting: The only indicator of distance is the enemies' glowing eyes. This turns out to be a poor way of figuring out when to attack. The Swamp and Desert scenes have similar problems.

Arena mode seems tacked on and nonsensical. You're dropped into a closed FPS map. Enemies spawn and charge. You shoot them in time with the music, I think. I'm really not sure what this game mode has to do with the rhythm of the music.

Here are a few suggestions.
1. Highlight enemies that are close enough to attack, or highlight the reticle as an enemy passes over it. Provide strong visual cues that the enemy is within range of the player's attack.
2. Never let two enemies in the same lane spawn too closely. The enemy in front often unfairly camoflauges its comrade.
3. Have an option not to lose health when an attack misses.
4. Don't let the tempo of the music overdrive the pace of the game. When playing a fast-paced audio track, enemies have a tendency to zoom toward the player at impossible speeds.
5. Figure out exactly how Arena mode is supposed to work and what the player is expected to accomplish..\/watch?v=tXefATCSpjw\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=tXefATCSpjw<\/a>. What can I say? I'm a sucker for gore and a sucker for play-your-own-music games. This one has both! =D

The controls are rather atypical, but you can adapt to them easily enough. All in all, this is a great game!

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