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Black The Fall Crack Download Free Pc

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About This Game

After decades of toil, an old machinist plots his escape from the oppressive grasp of the Communist regime. Through hidden passages, shadow and grief, he struggles. Ingenuity, reflexes and deception are his tools. Along the road, he befriends the most unlikely creature, an abandoned little robot. Could they escape this bleak and deadly world, together?

• Unravel the puzzles buried within the oppressive atmosphere of a dystopian dictatorship
• Harness the power of a stolen designator tool to manipulate both man and machine
• Befriend a lonely lost robot and earn its loyal companionship
• Take your shot at overthrowing a Communist State inspired by real world events


Title: Black The Fall
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Sand Sailor Studio
Square Enix
Release Date: 11 Jul, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E8400, 3.0 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0 GHz
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 550 Ti, 1 GB / Radeon R7 250, 1 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

English,French,Italian,German,Korean,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Japanese,Simplified Chinese

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Black is back - darker and smarter:
Hi everyone,
We are excited to let you know that the new build is up and running. Actually Black is the one running, solving puzzles, fighting the system and making a revolution all together - wanna help him out?

To start anew hit NEW GAME in the main menu :).

Here are the release notes:

Dynamic loading 0.1
● our dynamic loading system is in place at its first iteration
● stalls will occur and we are aware of that. Things will be much smoother when we reach 1.0

A.I. system
● added the first version of the AI system
● guards react to you now (don’t make too much noise)

Character movement & animation
● black has a new face (and body :) )
● we have improved the controls and animations
● we have smoothed out the transitions
● the designator (laser pointer) was improved - just move the cursor over the selectable objects to use them with the designator.

Level Design
● we have revisited the first part: we have improved the puzzles, the world is more coherent, improved the feedback
● we have added a new area (The Shadow Area) - here you can experiment what living in the shadows was like
● the new area has new types of puzzles that prey on the player’s perception
● we have improved the sound design and added new music bits
. Black The Fall - World Tour (see you at E3):

Not sure if you were aware, but the Party allows us only 12 seconds of excitement per day as part of the controlled distribution of scarce resources. Ergo, we are dedicating today's excitement allocated time to the world tour we are planning. That's right, we are making our best to meet most of you. If you happen to attend any of these events, we would love to meet you. Here is when and were we can meet for sure in the upcoming days:

So, see you there?

For more updates you can:
. A Bleak New World:

There are decades since The Party has forbidden imagination. Wandering minds are dangerous. They create free worlds, they love and disobey. They challenge the status quo and fancy changes.

Anyway, we know you'd rather risk it than submit to The Party, so you've probably already imagined how the world outside The Factory looks like. So did we. And we've created it for Black.

This outside world is much needed in his journey. As a thought prisoner Black has to gradually unlearn how to be a worker and learn how to be a survivor. As he discovers how to cope with his surroundings, he might even take part in revolutions bigger than himself.

Up until now, if you played the demo, watched the trailer, watched a game-play or just stumbled upon Black The Fall screenshots, you must be acquainted with The Factory - the place where Black worked for the past years and the very subject of his escape. You might have also noticed some darker areas where work is done by machines mainly and shadows are reigning. That's what we call Into The Dark - the unfriendly area that separates the Factory from the outside world.

Now, considering the harsh conditions from the communist factory what should Black expect when getting out? He might have hoped for a colorful happy place, but the communist reality can only be painted in shades of black.

Black first sees the sky in The Mire. But as he explores the area he'll discover there's only polluted air to breathe and rusty water to drink. Exploited workers and killing machines. Sentinels or guards, their only purpose is to eliminate anyone who doesn't serve The Party anymore.

In a world where humans can't be trusted with empathy, he finds a friend. A robot helper. A pet. Now, his Pet.

As Black continues his journey of resilience, he reaches The City.

Not that he remembers so much about how it should be. He used to live in a village and to visit the city only once or twice a year. However, he can tell that The City has something unsettling about it, it feels strange and more dangerous than anything he's seen until now. Pushed by courage or plain necessity, he continues his journey. And so, he's up for a bitter-sweet discovery. But that's another story.

We are pretty thrilled about the outside world and The Pet, so can't wait to share more of Black's universe with you soon.

For more updates you can:
. Happy Holidays from Black The Fall!:

Yesterday evening, Black and The Pet insisted to go out in the backyard and take a picture for the Christmas postcard. They even took the time to build a snow-sentinel, to keep up appearances and avoid any suspicion related to confronting the state-controlled status. Also, the sooty snow helped with creating such a realistic Sentinel...we're impressed! Always thankful to Comrade Nature.

Anyway, what they'd really want to tell you, on behalf of everyone here, is that we're grateful for all the amazing people we've met in the past years. We're sending you all our best, prosperous and well-structured thoughts, as approved by The Party. Wishing you the very best for 2017!!!

Oh, and talking about 2017, that's when we'll release Black The Fall on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. We hope that this will be one of the hundreds of smile-bringers next year :). Our Protective and Abusive Surveillance:

In the past decades surveillance evolved a lot, as both Orwell and Huxley have envisioned at the beginning of the century. Our safety used to lie in the hands of the local police officer, the personal guard, the handmaiden or the Communist neighbor, while today it’s in the hands of a modern Big Brother feeding on Big Data.

For our safety and comfort there are CCTVs, GPS tracking, Wi-fi[], listening capabilities on mobile phones, laptops and even routers[]. Online behavior tracking is delivering us the ultimate personalized experience, but with every social media login it is also recording our every move in order for our profiles to be as accurate as possible for commercial use or political manipulation[]. That is for ads and news to be delivered in a way we’d buy without knowing we’re sold to – easily and willingly.
The only problem with (over)protection is that there’s a fine line between useful and abusive. We’d love to know that criminals can be tracked down by GPS or recorded phone conversations, recognized in CCTV footage and have their plans uncovered, before they even happen. And sometimes this actually happens[], while other times surveillance is intentionally misused[].

Living in a world thorn between Orwellian fear and Huxleyan pleasure, we need to throw a clear-eyed look at mass surveillance[] and define the lines of when surveillance is appropriate[].

For more updates you can:

#freedomiscontrol. Black The Fall is Now Fully Playble:
We are very excited to let you know that Black The Fall is fully playable. All puzzles are in place and working, all scenes are set-up, the ending is there – all of it. Black The Fall is alive and kicking!

We are now pushing for the full Alpha version, due in a month (without deadlines one would still be improving the first playrooms). This means there’s still some work to be done starting with a lot of in-house testing, as we need to scrub it of all obvious bugs, before we call our friends over for an outsider opinion. Nico is our testing queen and she needs a spa week, a city-break or just a break from playing, bug spotting and trying not to fix things on the spot (no matter how tempting this is). Point being that testing can be very stressful.

By the way, if you happen to be in Bucharest in the following weeks and want to play any parts of it, just drop us a note. We'd love to have you testing it!

Fun fact: Licu actually advised Nico to be bad at it, this way nobody would want her to test. But I guess she can’t go against her nature of being such a merciless observant of what can be improved.

The game looks great and we're now adding the final Communist touches. We're aiming for excellence here - Party's orders. So we're currently working on:

  • Dressing – suitable scenery to render the atmosphere (on our artists’ to-do list Nico, Marius, Andrei and Andreea).

  • Animations - how Black, the Guard, the Worker and our jazzy Sentinel move around (it's on Cristi for design & Licu for functionality)

  • Navigation – how the characters navigate individually and together (Razvan is the lucky responsible for this one)
  • Designator – how our laser pointer, used to designate, works (pinkie swear from Razvan on this one)

So we are closer to our goal, as we planned to launch Black The Fall on PC this autumn. And we’re going for it, full steam ahead!

For weekly news visit our blog [], like us on Facebook [] or follow us on Twitter :). The Mac build is now LIVE!:
You can now play Black The Fall on Mac! Enjoy!. The Black The Fall Journey:

Dear players,

There is more than two years since we’ve met you and we couldn’t be more grateful. On July 2014 we have enthusiastically shared our project and vision and you’ve supported us fully. Since then, the scope of the project grew and our vision enlarged. We now have a Beta version of Black The Fall, with a compelling story, an original game mechanic,thrilling visuals and unique sound. We think it is much better than our initial prototype and we are confident we did the right choice in deciding to improve our original idea. But this came with a price, which eventually everyone had to pay: time. We needed more time to rise to the level of our ambitions. And for your patience of bearing with us, we want to thank you.
As our journey might look confusing from the outside, here is a timeline we’d like to share with you.

YOU are part of our story and this will always be of great value to us. Thank you for your support and especially for your patience in the past two years!

PS: As there might be questions left unanswered, here is our FAQ section .

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