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Top 8 Phenergan Side phenergan Effects .
Aside from the ones which were mentioned, it is phenergan also used as a sleep aid or sedative . Phenergan is used effectively in the treatment of symptoms like runny nose, phenergan watery or itchy eyes, skin rashes, and itching per se . In addition to phenergan that, the Phenergan is also known to prevent experiencing motion sickness as well as treat vomiting and nausea or perhaps pain that is experienced after any surgical procedure . Way different from Nitrofurantoin side effects or Cetirizine side effects, Phenergan phenergan 25 mg im phenergan for babies dosage phenergan in children phenergan suppository dosage is a medication that is classified under antihistamine which works to block the effects of the natural chemical called histamine which is located in one�s body .

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