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Dark Forester Torrent Download [hack]

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About This Game

Feel like a lord. Build and decorate your own forest. Place guardians, own heroes, lay traps and protect livestock from enemy hordes in this new, hardcore RPG strategy, Dark Forester.

- A Fully 3D world, where the weather and time of day affects spells from the five schools of magic.
- Every object can be destroyed.
-The storyline is done in an abstract style, thanks to the modular system, and it will tell the main character's long history.
- Maximum character level: 15
- Infinite number of raids.
- More than one hundred unique monsters. From invisible characters that attack only your character and monsters that hunt livestock to powerful, inimitable bosses. There are also heavy artillery from ground catapults, cemeteries and other structures.
A hardcore game essence, where your death, the loss of your forester's home or decay of the trees in your forest will cause you to lose levels or even to the irreversible death of your character.
- Huge number of traps, buildings, trees, mushrooms, animals and creatures.
- Living forest with neutral birds and beasts.
- Heroes
- Any objects that your protagonist builds or buys can be improved.
- Werewolves equipped with a learning system, so information about their deaths, who killed them, etc., will be saved in the database and these monsters will use it to improve their abilities.
- PvP attack and destroy other players' forests. Use your magic and 15 unique abilities to attack other players' forests.
- A huge number of skills will help you to diversify not only your forest, but your character as well.
A completely three-dimensional world awaits you, where the weather and time of day affect the strength of some of your character's spells Any object in your forest can be destroyed.
- Rating system.
- PvP and PvE Seasons.
- MMO elements
- Sessional Inventar

Weather and time of day
In the game, there are spells, runes and traps that cause more damage when it is raining. The main character can find several types of tornado scrolls.
At night, undead have more health and some characters or heroes, such as the OtherSide, become much stronger. For PvP, there are special structures that are closely tied to the dark time of the day. In addition, some spells that scare enemies are more effective in the dark.
Upon attacking an enemy forest, you have 200 seconds to destroy all enemy buildings. For each enemy structure, you receive 5 coins and 5 experience. Plus, you get honor points, rating points and other resources for a victory. For a defeat, you will lose honor points and rating. During the attack, you will have 15 unique abilities. So at level five, you will have 5 abilities during an attack. One new ability will unlock with each new level. A PvP building improves your abilities when attacking an enemy forest. There are several buildings and even creatures in the game designed to play only against each other.
There are 8 heroes in the hero pool at the moment that you can encounter in your forest. One of the heroes becomes available for attacks on enemy forests for three weeks.
This hero is available for attacking an enemy forest: Other Side
Improve and destroy
Anything in your forest can be destroyed or improved. You can improve anything in your forest after each enemy raid, from trees, mushrooms, and buildings to heroes and creatures. During battles, when a creature is directly involved in the fighting, it gains experience. Your creatures and heroes, as well as your main character gain levels in this manner. They gain 5 skill points for each level and possibly even new abilities.
Scrolls, weapons, items, plans, resources, and phials
All inventory items are divided into six types and all six types are available only during the game session.
After killing monsters, certain items often drop. They can be one of six types of resources, mana phials, health or experience, plan for a structure, one-time use magic scroll, summon tornado, trap, or something else. At the moment, there are a just over a hundred items drops in the game.
The forest
Even mushrooms and trees have a purpose in your forest. Trees can be used for more than just protection and barriers. They are very important. For every tree in your forest, all your objects, including the main character, can evade physical damage by a certain percentage. Mushrooms affect the ability to evade magic damage.
Many heroes become stronger next to trees or mushrooms, and some can even heal themselves by destroying trees.
Important: Remember that if the number of trees in your forest falls below 30, you will lose the game and have to start over.
Heroes and Higher beings
At the moment, the game has 8 heroes and 3 higher creatures, similar in nature to heroes, but do not require any resources (creatures or heroes).
Your heroes, like the rest of your creatures, can gain experience in combat. They acquire a new ability at every other level. All characters patrol your forest. The first hero arrives after reaching the fifth level.
Heroes: Imp, Otherside, Witch, Orc Traveler, Mishka, Making Money, Kaba and Winterstale.

Ancient, Evil Mushroom and Warlord. The first two creatures do not require creature resources. If an Ancient is a very expensive creature that costs a large number of resources, Evil Mushroom costs just 50 mushrooms growing in your forest. Also remember that one elder is available to you at the very beginning of the game. the Ancient and Evil Mushroom do not patrol the forest like your heroes and can obey your orders outside of combat. Both have full view of the forest. Accordingly, when battle begins, they attack the closest target. In the case of the Ancient, of course, only if it is awakened. The Warlord is a PvP-exclusive creature. You can summon him only by attacking other's forests.

Dark Forester is made by a single, obsessed developer. You can always contact me at sergey@morozovsergey.com 7ad7b8b382

Title: Dark Forester
Genre: Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy
Morozov Sergey
Morozov Sergey
Release Date: 27 Jul, 2018


  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4790K
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia series with 3GB GDDR5 or better, ATI Radeon 3GB GDDR5
  • Storage: 5 GB available space


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I played the game once because I got it for like a cent. I think I planted some trees and then I never played it again. It was probably good.. everything feels unfinished and of poor quality. nice idea, badly executed.. This is an Early Access Review-For one guy to make this I have to give him credit, he has not given up. This new update has improved the game so much, still alot to work on but I must say I am having fun with it. There are problems, but the good outweigh the bad and it has amazing potential to be a fantastic game. I like to level up my home and myself, to fight off the creatures that come out of the woods. The tutorial is helpful, and its coming along nicely for an early access project. Do not expect super smooth gameplay at this point, but the developer is hard at work and is hands on. I would love to see this game keep updating, I know I will keep playing it.. Do not buy this piece of crap game. It is awful. Not worth 25 cents. One of the worst made games I have played.. For now the game is very buggy. but it has alot of potential and im not recommending it for now but deffinetly a game to look into in the future once it has been developed more.. Just getting this game and playing for few minutes, i can honestly say that this game in its current state is pretty meh. The concept is great, defending a forest in a tower-defense type way, but the current state is pretty mediocre. The UI isnt good, the placement is horrid, and the grammar, oh god the grammar. English teachers everywhere are crying.

This game has some great potential, and it is pretty playable right now, but you wil have to overlook a lot of things to be able to play it. So get it if you want to try it, because later on after some polishing, i will probably make this one of my favorite games, but only after polishing.. Its kind of a mess.

Horrible tutorial. Controls are goofy, combat sometimes doesnt work, and when it does, is akward and sloppy.

I like the concept of a tower defense "building" game where you get to control a guy and fight with your units....

Good concept very rough and poor execution.. IMO, this is not ready for Early Access. I spent an hour doing the tutorial up to level 3, and crashing out back to the beginning. I want to like this game but it's not ready for game play suggestions or new features.

The UI vanishes randomly, and it's a mess in any event. I can tell that, if I were to ever get to a higher level, it would be one of those games which has me hunting through menus trying to find something really simple.

Why are the battle units the only things you can't move? Like, I can move trees, but the ogres can't by directed (by player or AI) to confront invading enemies? And why is the little elf dude running to the end of the map every time I tell him to go anywhere?

This game really just needs basic debugging. Do some play-testing with, well, anyone. Like, actually watch them play. Not new features like PvP, arena, marketplace, and so on: it need that core game ironed out so that it's playable.

Until that happens, I can't recommend this game.

Patch 19 - v0.5.4.5 Changelog:
Here's a new patch, bringing some fixes!


  • Fixed the issue related to people now being seated properly when loading a game.
  • Tables status is now loaded properly.
  • Fixed an issue with doubled tools in the Furnishing Panel after moving to another restaurant.
  • Fixed an issue allowing to unlock Templates without actually spending skill points on them.
  • Carbs skills now work properly.
  • Fixed the "Nut" Tag icon.
. Patch 17 - v0.5.4.2 Changelog:
A new patch has been uploaded!

  • Options are now properly saved after pressing the Apply button.
  • Antialiasing options now work properly.
  • Added a graphic option to activate shadows on the interior lights.
  • Added a graphic option to deactivate dynamic lighting and drastically reduce the workload on the GPU.
  • Fixed blank tooltips in the customers' summary panel.
. Patch 02 - Changelog:
New patch available! Here's the changelog:

  • Ingredients Issue after the second day solved
  • Ingredients are no longer interactable in their UI when no Ingredient Points are available
  • Expanded tutorials with more information and images.
  • Additional tooltips in Skill Screen
  • Additional tooltips in Menu Screen
  • Additional Tooltips in Recipe Editor
  • Fish Soups now have proper menu sections.

Have fun! In the meantime the team will work on more updates!. Patch 14 - v0.5.3.10 Changelog:
Here's the changelog for today's patch!

  • Budget is reverted to old daily projection, weekly projection will be re-implemented in the future for balance purposes
  • Improved shader loading to reduce stuttering.
  • Optimized all materials to reduce the use of video memory
  • Rebalanced rents to reflect the change in the budget projection.
  • Rebalanced policies to drive Cheapskates away when spending for marketing
. Patch 13 - v0.5.3.9 Changelog:
New day, new patch for Chef!

  • Experimental: we created a failsafe measure to prevent blocking issues. At 4am the game remove all customers and ongoing actions in the restaurant, allowing to proceed to the next day.
  • Fixed a waiter missing half head (not save compatible)
  • Fixed missing tag for Carbs skills
  • Rebalanced customer frequency to let popularity have a bigger impact.
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial not activating properly.
. Patch 03 - Changelog:
Here's another patch for Chef!

  • Added an extensive guided tutorial helping new players to learn all the basics of Chef.
  • Fixed a bug on the menu which prevented recipes to be placed in the correct Menu Section
  • Fixed a bug on the menu which misplaced recipes in wrong Menu Sections.
  • Menu Section in the left part of the Menu have the same order as the buttons on the right part.
  • Slightly improved performances.
  • Set a maximum amount of customer info shown in the Stat panel, to prevent performance issues while opening it.
  • Fixed the wrong Seats number on restaurant load.
  • Fixed Stats panel not opening properly on first start
  • Fixed tooltips drawing outside the screen.
  • Fixed a minor issue with beverages stats.
  • The game can now be pause pressing the SPACE key
  • Fixed a minor issue which allowed character to finish their current animation while the game was paused.

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