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Original Title: Dillinger And Capone

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama















































July 22, 1934 - outside Chicago's Biograph Theater, a barrage of FBI bullets brings down John Dillinger. As the body of Public Enemy Number one crumbles to the ground, one of the strangest, most riveting stories in the history of crime begins to unfold. It seems that J. Edgar Hoover's boys have unknowingly blown away the wrong Dillinger -- not John, but his brother. While G-Men are grabbing the headlines, the real Dillinger slips away to go straight with a new life. But "Scarface" Al Capone knows all about Dillinger and his secret new identity, and confronts him. He wants Dillinger to pull one more heist, a bank where Capone has millions stashed away. And he's got an offer Dillinger can't refuse. So now, five years after his death, with Chicago's most infamous mobster holding his wife and son for insurance, John Dillinger has to pull off the biggest bank job of all time.
i picked this movie up on DVD the other day for two pounds, i haden't ever heard of it before so i wasn't sure but i looked at the cast, and thought it couldn't be that bad, and was right, it was actually a good gangster movie, based on some well known theories in gangland folklore dealing with john dillinger and AL Capone, it delivers everything you would expect from a gangster movie, its not one of the best far from it, but it was good, and i did enjoy it. the acting was good all around, and it never felt low budget, fans of gangster movie's would do well watching it if its ever on, as they should enjoy it. its not worth rushing out and buying but definitely a good watch
I guess my first mistake was to pick this up at Blockbuster without ever having heard of anything about it(including title) before. Luckily, this was also my last, as I didn't make the common mistake of expecting equal talent and entertainment value from all films I watch. I quickly recognized this as the turkey it is, and as soon as I lowered my expectations considerably, I found it to be more enjoyable than I had first anticipated when I saw the rating(here on IMDb) and the first couple of scenes. It's not a good film, but it's not the worst one out there. The basic idea behind it is not half bad, and I found my search for inconsistencies and anachronisms to come up with (almost) nothing. Martin Sheen does pretty good as Dillinger, the former gangster turned farmer who wants to stay out of the gangster "business". F. Murray Abraham does OK as Capone, but having seen Robert DeNiro himself portray the character, he comes off a little flat by comparison. Jeffrey Combs is highly entertaining as a former FBI agent that survives quite a lot. The plot has some gaping holes(mainly dealing with how little police response there seems to be throughout the whole thing, and some typical action-film good-guys-aiming-much-better-than-bad-guys stuff) and the writing leaves a bit to be desired. The effects are obviously cheap, and several points during the film, an explosion or a Molotov cocktail is thrown in(pun intended) to raise the production value. Despite these low points, the film stays relatively true to historical events and does manage to entertain you and somewhat keep your interest. For an action film, there's relatively little action. For a crime movie, there's relatively little real crime. For a drama, there's little real drama. In the end, it's just another one of those "could have been better" films. But it's one of the less disappointing of the sort, and not completely devoid of talent. I suggest you check it out, if you're very much into gangster films. It's a fairly entertaining little piece; just don't expect any depth or a message. I recommend this only to the biggest fans of gangster films, and only those who can sit through what would commonly be referred to as a 'bad' film. 5/10


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