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'CUBIANS VR' is a table defense game with a concept of intense battle of block toys spreading on the table. You can experience a unique world with cute characters and beautiful scenery made with Voxel. Collect unique Cubians, and enjoy the true fun of defense game.

The world of CUBIAN is divided into four powers: Empire, Nature, Undead, and Goblin.

1. Empire is made up of well-trained and powerful soldiers. It becomes more powerful when soldiers get in formation.
2. Nature has strong attack skills though, it has weak physical strength, especially vulnerable to fire.
3. Undead does not know fear, and fights with a big number. That individual abilities are excellent.
4. Goblins are small and weak species, but they are strong and powerful when using machines.

There are more than 40 different kinds of Cubians.
If you win the battle, you can get normal Cubians as well as the powerful boss Cubians, and more! You might have great fun by setting the battle strategies and tactics.

How to play : Simple but, profound
Player uses only few buttons for an optimized play experience with VR controls.
1. Trigger button - allows you to pick things up and take all the necessary actions.
2. Menu button - to start and stop combat.
※ The Menu Button is located at the top of the Trackpad of the controller

Battle preparation
My Room - you can prepare for the battle, dispose the Cubians on the battle field and install magic power.
1. Pick up Cubians from the Cubians Showcase on the left and place them on the slot below. Since it may be equipped with up to eight Cubians, let's configure various troops.
(Don’t you know where to put Cubians? Do not worry! You may see the sign, once you hold Cubian.)
2. There is a card showcase on the front desk. Pick up the card and place it on the magic book below.
3. Each marble shows stages. After you finish arranging Cubians and magic power, pick up the marble you want and take a closer look at what's inside. If you pull it closer to your eyes, you will be sucked into the world of marble!

1. There are Cubians down below. Pick them up and put them on the table.
2. The miner on the left is working hard to collect red ore. You can pick up Cubians as many ore as indicated below.
3. Turn the controller upside down. Once, your palm facing up! Wow! A real magic book appears! With the other hand, pick up the magic card and place it above the book. After that once you face the table, you will see the area where you may use the magic, and if you release the card, you can cast a powerful magic!
(Never throw cards to the table!)

Are you ready? Your Cubians are ready for the fight!


Title: Cubians VR
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Release Date: 16 Feb, 2017


I picked this up because I was hoping for a good god's eye view strategy game for the Vive. It's a genre that works very well with room scale VR, but is currently under-represented. Unfortunately, this turned out to be pretty disappointing.

Firstly, if you have a smaller room scale area, you won't be able to fully utilize the game. My space is only about 6 feet (2 meters) deep, though it's plenty wide. When setting up my army, I can't reach any of the goblin units. My dresser is in the way. So all of my play was done without the goblin units. Fortunately, the other side of my room space is occupied by my bed, which is low so I can reach out of bounds over it. If it wasn't for this, the game would be completely unplayable, as I'd barely be able to reach the field.

So my first recommendation to the devs would be to try playing the game in smaller spaces, and adjust the room layouts to accomodate them. It seems like it should be quite doable.

Secondly, the actual gameplay is pretty shallow. You have waves of enemies coming at you from the far side of the field, and you need to place your units at your side of the field, so they can engage. There's a little mine off to the left generating red cubes at a set rate, which is the currency with which you buy these units. At any time, you can pick up the units already on the field and move them, but if they venture too far forward you won't be able to reach them. But the actual tactics are, for the most part, just simple overwhelming force.

There might be more depth, if you had more control over the units you could summon. Unfortunately, there are four available units at any given time, selected at random from the units placed in your army. When you summon one of them, that space remains vacant for a few seconds, and is then populated with another random unit. And yes, the same type of unit can show up in multiple slots at once. This means the unit you really need is frequently not available, and if there's a unit you really DON'T need at this moment, it will tend to fill up all the slots, as simply by avoiding summoning that one you apply a selective pressure on what stays in the slots.

So my second suggestion to the devs is to just make one instance of every unit in your army available at all times, instead of presenting you with a random subset. This will allow you to actually tailor your army to the threats coming in the current wave, making the combat much more strategic.

Finally, the third major problem is that there just isn't enough information about the units. Each unit has an armor type and a damage type, presented as icons on it's base, and there's a chart in the army setup room that shows which armor and weapon types are strong or weak against what. The choices are a little weird, as they avoided the tried-and-true rho-sham-bo arrangement in favor of something less obviously balanced. But it turns out to not be very useful because there's no way to see what armor and weapon types the enemies have (unless you've previously unlocked those units for your own army and inspected them). Further, that's the ONLY info you have about them. Are they melee or ranged? How much damage do they do? What's their fire rate? How many hit points do they have? In some cases, you can make an educated guess based on the model, but not always. The only way to get any real information is to deploy them and see how well they do.

So my third suggestion to the devs is to provide more information about the units, and better visual hints as to the damage and armor types of enemies so I know what I need to deploy against them.

Even if you implement all of these suggestions, the tactics will still be pretty shallow, but I think it might be enough to earn a tentative thumbs up. Right now, unfortunately, I can't really recommend this game.. wow i really enjoyed this experience so far it's amazing looks amazing sounds are great smooth gameplay very cute toys gifts after winning more toys levels spells i can not wait to see the future for this game how has this not sold more copy i dont know one of the best vr games. Command your adorable army to defend your realm! Check out the full review here:

https:\/\/\/DOqr0HswVHk<\/a>. Fun casual game, at first it is quite easy to win a match, just plonk stuff down and you will win, but you will soon run into walls, I had to cheese to be able to do the level 2 orbs, and right now I am trying to break into the level 4 orbs, but they are just brutal and have resisted my cheese so far.
Magic can save the day though, helping to keep a near exhausted force fighting up near the enemy, while you desperately replenish a new army at your own wall. Magic is a little janky to use at first, but it's quite precise and fast once you get used to it.

I was reading the other review above mine about having a small standing area, my area is massive, so I have not had any boundry problems at all, but it is definitely something to be aware of if you use a smaller area.

This is very much a casual strategy game, my first 5 hours in the g...

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