Into Blue Valley Activation Code [PC]

Into Blue Valley Activation Code [PC]

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About This Game

Into Blue Valley is a first-person short exploration game drawing upon themes of mystery and curiosity. It is presented as a 'found footage' game with the player's view resembling a camcorder recording showing a glimpse into the subdued environment that is being explored.

As the footage unfolds, it soon becomes clear that the bittersweet majesty of Blue Valley offers more than a forgotten tale of abandonment and that the person recording this footage is not alone in their journey.

Successfully Greenlit by the wonderful Steam community in just three weeks.


WASD to move.
Mouse for camera input.
Left click to interact. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Into Blue Valley
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Ryan Javanshir
Ryan Javanshir
Release Date: 24 Dec, 2014


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No option to invert Y-axis and does not work with Polynomial or Sakasa.

A couple years ago the developer promised an update to remedy this and it never happened.. A poor attempt at an atmospheric walking simulator. It feels half finished and unpolished .

The Oculus Rift experience was very poor mostly due to the game failing to achieve 75fps even on low quality settings (with a GTX780).

Not worth it.. A cool little experience. May be a bit pricey for some, but I was genuinely engaaged the entire time, and couldn't put it down until I was finished. Well done.. I'd like to start by pointing out that the official game description is entirely honest and clear, you know. This game actually is a game that entirely focuses on the themes of mystery and curiosity. And it does them if not perfect justice, at least a great service. The audio, the visuals, the presentation are impeccable and are exactly what I'd want from such a game. But here's the thing, I love the genre of mystery and those themes and so for me it was something I've long yearned for. Something that focuses specifically on evoking the sense of mystery. There's no real horror here, there's no real investigation either. There is no grand story either (as far as I'm aware), true to its theme the game gives you a very much intentionally vague and 'unfinished' narrative. If you come expecting any of those things, or indeed any other things you're likely to be disappointed. Heck, you might be disappointed even if you come expecting a great mystery game. It's not the best mystery game possible. But it's pretty damn pleasant. And considering I can't even think of any single<\/i> game that gives mystery the first priority to this extent on Steam, heck yes, I can recommend this to anybody else who values the feeling of mystery. It's a very pleasant very short very focused very atmospheric experience. If all that is worth the price or not is obviously up to you.. I knew that this is very short and that it will be nothing special at all, but also in technical matters this game is very flawed.

1. In this short play time I accidentally clipped through objects and got stuck several times.
2. The camera is moving up and down all the time if there are just tiny stones on the ground. This made me feel sick and it seemed laggy although it wasn't.
3. Rocks are slightly transparent.
4. Heavy performance drop in a scene shortly before the end
5.Also, I might be picky, but the wells are just placed flat on the ground so there is no actual deep hole to see.

One good thing is, it didn't crash.

Apart from that I had problems with the controller support, but that's just a usual Unity thing and I knew how tro fix that.

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