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About This Game

Knightfall is a 2D fully top-down retro pixel art dungeon RPG. Knightfall focuses on a reduced vision mechanic that forces you to be reactive based on your surroundings. You'll have to utilize your knowledge of the floor's layout to your advantage. How far down did you end up and will you ever get to the surface?

Features On Full Release

  • Singleplayer adventure with multiple floors that will challenge you in different ways!
  • Full controller support!
  • At least 25 total purchasable or dropped items on full release!
  • 100% Real Time Combat System
  • A fully incorporated questline found on the Knights that have died before you.
  • A full Original Soundtrack composed by Christoph Gray


Armed with a sword and shield, your squadron crumbles under heavy arrow fire. As you break from the rain of fire, you fall prey to a ground trap and plunge into the dark abyss - A mysterious dungeon filled with infernal creatures of dark magic and the undead. How far did you fall? Will you ever reach the surface or will this dungeon be your tomb, like so many others who have fallen before?

Live Development

Knightfall is developed live on Twitch every single morning! Since day 1, it has been modified due to changes and feedback of the community. Join the development stream on Twitch at 7ad7b8b382

Title: Knightfall
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Early Access
Static City Games
Static City Games
Release Date: 4 Sep, 2017


Got pretty caught up in playing this after I was selected to play the beta. Really fun game, and the developer is actively working on bug fixes and new features!. A truly amazing concept, I have played for just over an hour now and each time I play its a different challenge and I love that.
I am looking forward to seeing the content the developer adds and think it great that the developer is bug fixing so much already and shows no signs of stopping with the game.

100% recommend this game. Pros:

+ Hard but fair

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