Spain's best FFXIV servers: PS4, Ragnarok and Moogle

One of the most common questions since the release of Final Fantasy XIV was to find a good server that speaks as much as possible in Castilian. As the game reaches other platforms and the recovery in recent years, it's time to answer: We talk about the best FFXIV server in Spain.

As a user's eternal suspicion, Ragnarok and Moogle have been hailed as one of the best FFIV servers in Spain since the beginning. The significant presence of Spanish and Latin users has made them two favorites for Spanish users. The number of FFXIV Gil purchased by players of these two servers is also significant.

However, fame has made them huge, and it is almost impossible to enter them, waiting for the list to be worthy of EA testing. Fortunately, the possibility of changing the servers included in the arrival of Shadow Bringers allows us to access any server we can create, and then try to access Moogle or Ragnarok from the data center when they are less crowded.

If you are going to play Final Fantasy XIV on the console, several servers are recommended explicitly for Spanish-speaking PS4 users. One of the best choices for the Latin public is Jenova, especially for novices, but it is not available in Europe. In Spain, the most commonly used is Zodiak, which is described as the Ragnarok console. Cerberus 3 or Phoenix are other options.

Beyond that, you should be aware that there are no guarantees on these servers. Without the harsh reality of nationality censuses and online games, we don't know if you will eventually be in line with Spanish speakers. Therefore, if you see a lot of queues, we recommend that you choose the most suitable server and enjoy the game. If you don't know enough, we recommend that you select the MMOAH watch guide. You can also consider Buy FFXIV Gil, which will help you upgrade faster in the game.

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