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Original Title: Shark Island

Genge: Action,Adventure,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller































Four friends decide to take a dream weekend away from work to a local resort island. It soon turns to terror as the local sharks are turning into zombie sharks which also comes to infect people. They four race to find a cure at a local research station that they find is responsible for the infection spreading, but now it is tragedy that hits the group one by one!
A perfect getaway for four friends turns into survival when they fight an experimental shark.
For those that like low budget movies this one would be too up market for you.

For those that suffer ultra low budget movies along with a beer and chips this would suit you. I thought it was a comedy but it is shown as a Horror Sci fi.

If you are aware of Sharknado it was a low budget film.

Perhaps the producers had some money (coins only) left over from the making of Sharknado and made the movie 'Zombie Shark'.

I have just sat through some of the corniest, dumbest, most idiotic comments, scenes and action sequences associated with a film .....EVER.

I actually missed a bit of the movie. I went away and did the dishes, came back and realised I had missed 'bugger all'.

It would be difficult to pick holes in this 'comedy, horror' movie as it is just one large hole although the ladies would be attractive to unmarried men I am told.

However, if you have 1 hour and 15 minutes of your life to waste laughing, shaking your head in disbelief while drinking (lots of drinking) I still might not recommend this movie unless you had started drinking beforehand.

To prepare yourself for the 'Zombie Shark' experience I suggest you watch "The Blob', 'Them', perhaps a teen movie and only then subject your last few working brain cells to 'Zombie Shark'.

For those that wish to suffer 'Zombie Shark' the movie you MUST watch the last 3 minutes.

In fact rent it if only for the last 3 minutes. As the latest entry into the seemingly endless monster/supernatural/killer shark pantheon, Zombie Shark (AKA Shark Island) is suitably daft, but enjoyably so. The premise is pretty much The Walking Dead meets Jaws (with a side order of Moby Dick) and often has a knowing comedic tone and some fun gore. However, there is also an emotional element that is not usual in such films, principally the dynamic between Amber and Sophie which leads to a very unexpected ending, and the motivations and back-story of Dr. Palmer, and Laura Cayouette plays her effectively and with a strong degree of gravitas, again, a quality not often seen in films belonging to this mad subgenre. But, before I get too carried away, such depth is almost scuppered by the more inept aspects of the film: the less-than-convincing CGI sharks that either has sharks oddly bobbing about or moving with a mechanical tail-action that suggests that they are not so much zombies as mini-mecha sharks; an 'amazing' glove puppet shark head; the much-vaunted terrible storm that never actually arrives; dubious greenscreen backgrounds; some jerky editing that prematurely cuts some scenes, and the casual throwaway of the Bridgette character (as much a victim of vicious editing as, well, I won't spoil it). Also, the zombie shark himself, Bruce, needed more screen time and visual focus to fully establish his unique quality that sets him apart from his reanimated selachimorpha charges, and the addition of human zombies is an undeveloped tack-on. But, Lester and his beach pal's counter-attack against the undead sharks is amusing and Jason London provides solid military heroics. So, a bit more CGI/effects care (or less CGI and more prosthetics) and Zombie Shark could have led the killer fish pack, but it still has a human factor the others lack, and it needs to be commended for that.


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